Purple Penguin Closing for the Cooler Months

Mommy Vegas Idea #7

Farewell Fine Frozen Fair

If you are not a fan of the Purple Penguin, I send you my deepest condolences, as you have obviously never tried the Purple Penguin’s excellent snowy snow cone delights, and are thus simply missing out! If you are a fan of the Purple Penguin, I likewise, send my condolences, for you are to lose the convenience of this treasured treat until the days lengthen once more.

That’s right, the Purple Penguin Snow Cone Shacks will be closing their window hatches on September 29th, not to be wrenched back open until next Summer.  So if you’re a regular, hurry up and use your free coupons. If you haven’t tried it yet… go forth and sample. If by chance you have tried snow cones elsewhere and have been left wanting, perhaps the ice was not fine enough, or the syrup not quite plentiful enough for your liking. I don’t know what method they use, but the “snow” is as fine as freshly fallen snow, you half expect a real penguin to peek out the window and the syrups have a fuller/fresher less artificial taste to them. Yes, I’m aware they are still slightly watered down sugar, but my goodness do those calories hit the spot!? May we recommend the Tiger’s Blood with Cream?  This coconut/berry concoction is the favorite among 3 of our 4 samplers ;).  The hubby likes just about anything with ice cream in the bottom, tending to favor the daiquiri and cotton candy. They also have a few sugar-free options, if that’s how any portion of your party rolls.  The flavorful options are truly endless and with only a few weeks before their time is up, you should really get a move on!

The Penguin has two locations, one at Horizon Ridge Parkway and Arroyo Grande in Henderson/Green Valley, the newer location is on Cactus and Southern Highlands Parkway (the Southern most portion of Decatur) in Las Vegas/Southern Highlands. For more info on these fun food carts, visit their Facebook Page.

Happy tasting,



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